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"How to measure and enhance Employee Investment"

Are your employees invested in you as a company and as an employer?

If any of these are true, maybe they're not as invested as you'd like...

you're dealing with too many sick days
complaints from customers are increasing or getting more serious
you're hearing more grumbles about pay
you're losing employees too frequently
It's getting harder to find good employees

The cost of a disenfranchised employee has been estimated to be around £13,600 per year based on the average salary of a full time employee.

If you fear that a proportion of your team is disenfranchised, quickly turning the situation around means getting to the root causes and being able to monitor the effect of the changes you make.

You need a simple, robust approach to determine the overall level of employee investment and the investedness of individuals. One that's based on state of the science of organisational behaviour.

To get started, download this sample results sheet from the Employee Investment Index. This report will show you:

12 questions that get to the heart of the issues surrounding employee disenfranchisement.
How to measure employee investment
What results you can expect
Which areas to focus on when implementing changes to improve employee investedness.

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