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Hi, I'm Gareth Shackleton, business growth specialist with ActionCOACH, the world's number 1 business coaching firm.

Inside this short guide you will find a step-by-step guide to adding value to your customers and creating a loyal customer base. By implementing these strategies, you can differentiate your business from competitors, build customer loyalty, and justify price increases without sacrificing your principles.

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I'm opening up applications to the ultimate self-financing programme for busy business owners

What difference would it make to you and your business if you made an additional £12000 in profit in the next 12 months?

If you’re making between £10K and £50K net profit right now, quite a difference, I imagine. With the cost of doing business going up and up, you may even be contemplating a year in which you make less in the next 12 months than you did previously.

But what if I told you that £12K would be the minimum extra you could make by following the proven methodology in the ProfitEASE programme?

Not only that but you’ll be working fewer hours by the end of it too, making this the ultimate programme for busy business owners wanting to scale their business but worried that they’ll just end up working even harder if they do.

And the results are guaranteed! If you don’t make enough additional profit by implementing the changes during the 17 weeks of the programme to cover the investment in the programme we will refund the difference, making this programme uniquely self-financing.

You may be thinking ”17 weeks! Why so long?”

Well, this is not quick fix programme. It would be great to offer a “transform your business in 10-days challenge” but realistically you can’t implement all the changes you need to make in 10 days. A 10-day programme is little more than a training course, and we all know what changes after people go on training courses. In most cases, nothing!

This programme is not a course where you’ll learn things and then have to implement them on your own.

It’s more like a workshop on steroids – we will guide you as you build your own strategy, systems, processes and tools and then work with you to implement them and get results.

The programme includes:

8 modules over 17 weeks
25+ hours of group contact time for teaching, coaching and assistance to implement
Four 1-2-1 coaching sessions to accelerate implementation
An online portal of course materials and bonuses worth over £3000 + VAT
A facebook group to interact with your cohort and coaches.
Bonus: Two one-day workshops, in-person, to create 90-day plans for your business worth £590 + VAT

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