Are you a good leader? If those who work with you were asked, would they list good leadership as one of your qualities?

It’s often said that some people are born leaders and, whilst this is true, good, effective leadership is something that you can learn by practising certain skills and continually assessing your performance and your results.

Chess Game Strategy Queen  - Peterzikas / Pixabay
Peterzikas / Pixabay

It’s much easier to explain and understand the nature of good leadership than it is to practice it, but understanding the qualities individuals share that are considered to be good leaders is a great place to start. Once you’re aware of the qualities you need to strive for, your journey can be directed and targeted to achieve the results you desire as quickly as possible.

Effective leaders are a particular breed of person and by studying the traits they share, we can create a blueprint to follow in order to emulate their skills and abilities. Once you’re on the right track, you’ll find that these new ways of thinking, of dealing with situations and people will quickly become natural to you.

Developing your skills as an effective leader will have a hugely beneficial effect on your company and the people who work for you. Effective leaders inspire and motivate others to follow. It’s all about getting the very best out of yourself and all those around you. Leadership is centrally concerned with people – it’s about how you relate to, manage and motivate your team. When people feel appreciated they deliver above expectations and that’s exactly what you want from those around you.

Studies have shown that a leader’s ability to deal with people is a function of their emotional intelligence. Research into the subject has shown that individuals with high emotional intelligence make the best leaders.

To really succeed as a good leader, an individual must fulfil certain criteria. Above all people want to be guided by someone they respect and who has a clear sense of direction. A clear sense of direction is only gained by nurturing a decisive vision of the future.

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